Sport beginnings

I come from Western Tatras in northen Slovakia. The peaks around region Liptov has attracted me since a little age. Even if movement was my everyday part I started to train coordinated just in my 11 years. I replaced attending the art education to downhill skiing. However the space between the slalom gates was too limited for me and I decided to try the cross-country skiing. I had followed a family tradition and I have taken an advantage of my endurance predispositions. I was doing cross-country skiing until my 17 years and I managed to win the Slovak Junior Cup.

Skimo beginnings

The season on the snow was extended every year by cross-country skiing trips to the Žiarska valley. In a few years I bought a relatively lightweight gear with the help of a friend. When the conditions for cross-country training were wrong I substituted cross-country skiing to skimo. I'm a competitive kind of person. In a short time I have decided to participate in some less technical skimo races. In the "Open" and later in the junior category I was doing well and I wasn´t worst than the second.

National team

For the first time, I joined national team in 2014. I started boldly, and for the first two minutes I was leading the junior´s vertical race 🙂 Since then, the skimo has become my sport´s priority no 1 and I´m a stable part of Slovak national team.

What next

Time gaps the world elite are skewing every year about half. I'm  improving also in technical aspects of racing. I believe that racing at local race can´t make me a perfect racer. It´s a reason why I´m looking for touch to world´s best athletes. I would like to be successful in long clasical competitions as well as in long mountain traverses. For them I need to mature. I believe I will continue with strong health. I am doing sport not only because I extremely enjoy it but also because it opens new horizons and allows me to meet inspiratious people. Last but not least, I am always pleased with the fact that I can motivate an other to move in nature.

Thanks for support to all !

Jakub Siarnik